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Positive Affirmations for You to Use the Week of August 29th – September 4th.

Hi friends!


I hope that this past week went well for you. I was extremely lucky to begin the week celebrating mine and my sister’s birthdays with my sister (who I got to see for the first time in over a year and a half!) and my mom, but was unlucky to end the week with an ear infection. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I start feeling better soon, because this stuff is not fun.


I’m so excited to share this week’s affirmations with you all! I actually decided that this week, as soon as I post these affirmations, I’ll be taking a little break from Instagram. I try to take a break at least once a month, and this timing just feels right t me. Things are kinda rough, mental health wise, but are slowly going back to where I want them to be, and I think that taking a step back from social media will be very beneficial.

So, even though I won’t be on Instagram, I will be practicing my affirmations every day, and I hope you will too! Every Sunday (well, most Sundays, if we’re being completely honest.), I post the affirmations I will be using in the upcoming week. I share them in the order I’ll be using them (1 is Sunday, 2 is Monday, 3 is Tuesday, etc.), but I encourage you to use them in whatever way works best for you!

I’ll see you all next week with more affirmations, and hopefully this week with some book reviews – I’ve read so much this month and am so behind in book reviews, so hopefully during my social media break, I’ll be able to catch up a bit on content.

  1. I do not have to feel guilty for saying no.
  2. Guilt and shame will not change my past. Worry and fear will not change my future.
  3. I am loved, no matter how I feel.
  4. I get stronger every day.
  5. I believe in myself and my strength.
  6. I am capable of creating my very best life.
  7. I can be kind and set healthy boundaries.
positive affirmations

Positive Affirmations for You to Use the Week of August 22nd – 28th.

Happy Sunday, friends!

I hope that this past week went well, (well… as well as it could during these unprecedented times.) and that you’re ready to start this upcoming week with some positive affirmations!


Every Sunday, I share seven affirmations that I will be using that upcoming week. I always share them in the order that I will be using them (1 is Sunday, 2 is Monday, 3 is Tuesday, etc.), but I hope that you will use them in whatever way works best for or resonates with you!

Can you believe we only have just over a week left in August?? 2020 went by so slow for me, and now 2021 is just zipping by. I would just like time to move at regular, steady pace, please!


Have a great week, and I’ll be back next week!

  1. I am open to change.
  2. I am becoming the best version of myself.
  3. I can say no and not people please.
  4. I am grateful for all that my body is capable of.
  5. My worth is not dependent on the appearance or size of my body.
  6. I am proud of how far I’ve come.
  7. I am confident that I have the resilience to get through anything that comes my way.
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20 Positive Affirmations to Use During the Pandemic

One part of my daily routine that really helps set the tone of my day is my recitation of positive affirmations. If you’re anything like me, maybe you think that sounds hokey. I did when I first heard about them. Now, saying my affirmations is one of my favorite parts of the day.

Speaking positivity into my life is super helpful and powerful, especially as someone who struggles with mental illness. My mental illnesses oftentimes cause me to assume the worst in situations, but affirmations remind me of the positive.

Positive affirmations have been especially helpful this year as the world turned upside down, and everything became uncertain. So, if you’re interested in using positive affirmations, I thought I would share 20 that have helped me during the pandemic.

  1. I will focus on what I can control.
  2. I react peacefully and calmly to any situation.
  3. I do my part to keep myself and others safe.
  4. It is okay to just survive right now.
  5. I am strong and independent.
  6. Worry can not change my circumstances.
  7. I love myself enough to push through.
  8. I can do it. I know I can.
  9. I have the strength and resourcefulness to deal effectively with whatever happens to me.
  10. This feeling will pass.
  11. My feelings are allowed to be here.
  12. I don’t worry about the things I cannot control.
  13. I find happiness in the smallest of places.
  14. Every day is a gift.
  15. I can persevere.
  16. I am doing my best.
  17. I have the ability to cope.
  18. I’m stronger than I think.
  19. I am strong.
  20. I will live in the present.
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Positive Affirmations for the Week of April 25th – May 1st


Hi friends!

Happy Saturday, I hope that last week’s affirmations brought you some moments of peace this past week. I’m so excited to begin another week by sharing my affirmations for this upcoming with with ya’ll!

I’ll be sharing them in the order that I’ll be personally using them (1 is Sunday, 2 is Monday, etc.), but you are welcome and I encourage you to use them however work best for you personally!

Have a great rest of your weekend, and I’ll see you next Saturday!

  1. I courageously accept all parts of myself, and embrace my strengths and vulnerability.
  2. I am capable of creating my very best life.
  3. I am committed to loving and trusting myself.
  4. I can be kind and set healthy boundaries.
  5. I am filled with love, confidence, and beauty.
  6. My best is always enough.
  7. I am comfortable in my own skin.
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Positive Affirmations for the Week of April 11th-17th

Hi friends! I’m sorry that these are a day late, this past week was really rough for me. But I think you’ll still have time to use the affirmation you choose for today 🙂

Speaking of, I’ve decided to do something a tiny bit different from now on when it comes to sharing these affirmations. Instead of labeling which affirmation is for which day, I’m going to just share the ones I’ll be using for the week, in the order that I’ll use them, and you can choose what works for you. I hope that this way, it’ll be a more personalized experience for you.

So, without further ado, here’s this week’s positive affirmations!

  1. I deserve good things.
  2. I am more than enough.
  3. Beauty radiates from within me.
  4. I’ve survived tough times before, I can make it through this time, too. I am a survivor.
  5. Times are tough, but I will get through them.
  6. I am harnessing my inner peace and power.
  7. I am becoming the best version of myself.
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20 Good Things That Happened in 2020

Ah, 2020. I think as a whole, collective unit, humanity can agree that 2020 sucked. Big time. Many of us spent months in isolation, there was so much illness and death, and the suffering and pain just seemed to keep on coming. We’re all filled with this deep gratitude that 2020 is leaving, and for good reason. But, with every bit of suffering, there is also joy. This is not to diminish the absolute gravity of the losses that have been experienced this year. I just want to spread a little bit of light and joy during “these unprecedented times” (as every boss and company says). No matter how hard it gets, there is still hope. There is always, always something to be grateful for. Here are 20 good things that happened in 2020 that you can be grateful for.

Disclaimer: this post does contain affiliate links! That means if you purchase a product using the links below, I will be given a small commission, with no further cost to you!

  1. Drive-in movie theaters made an unexpected comeback.
  2. Tabitha Brown encouraged us to do it “like so like that” and to do what brings us joy, “’cause that’s your business.”
  3. Parks and Recreation had a quarantine special and made me ugly cry.
  4. John Krasinski encouraged positivity and love with Some Good News.
  5. We reconnected with friends and family with virtual game nights and Zoom happy hours and birthday parties.
  6. Crayola released a box of crayons with diverse skin colors, encouraging children and adults alike to embrace the beauty of diversity. You can get your own boxfor less than $5 here!
  7. Ahead of the holidays, The World Health Organization assured us that Santa Claus is immune to COVID-19 and Dr. Anthony Fauci later elaborated that he had vaccinated Santa himself!
  8. Hamilton was released on Disney+.
  9. Parasite was the first international film to win Best Picture at the Oscars.
  10. DJ D-Nice created Club Quarantine as a way to bring us together while apart.
  11. Ratatouille: The Musical brought Broadway-level theatre to our phones on TikTok.
  12. Taylor Swift released not one, but two surprise albums.
  13. There were virtual reunions for the casts of beloved TV shows and movies, including Back to the Future, Lizzie McGuire, Legally Blonde, Father of the Bride, The Parent Trap, The Lord of the Rings, The Goonies, and more!
  14. LOTS of pets were adopted and fostered.
  15. Dolly Parton helped fund the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine among her other accomplishments this year. If America ever becomes a monarchy, I formally nominate Dolly Parton as Queen. That’s how it works, right?
  16. The first Black Bachelor was announced. Better late than never, I guess?
  17. Schitt’s Creek had one of the best TV finales in history. This is also a fact, not an opinion. The show also swept the house at the 2020 Emmy’s, further proving it is perfect.
  18. We binge-watched Tiger King. Or… you did… I still haven’t watched it.
  19. People still got married during the pandemic (we saw Zoom weddings, physically distant weddings, smaller weddings, etc.), proving that the power of love cannot be put out.
  20. You stuck around, no matter how difficult the year was. Thank you for staying. The world is better with you in it.

So here’s to 2020. The year that pushed us all to our limits. The year that forced us to grow and adapt and roll with the many, many, many punches that were thrown at us. And yes, good riddance to 2020, you definitely won’t be missed. But also, in a way, thank you for the good we experienced. May 2021 be kinder to us all, and may we take the inner strength we found in 2020 into all the new years to come.