Hi! My Name is Katie, and I have Anxiety.

Also a myriad of other mental health diagnoses, but anxiety rhymed with Katie, so here we are,

I’m originally from Connecticut, but now live in Central Florida, and at times in Northern Virginia with my mom and dog.

I’m passionate about mental health, body (specifically fat) positivity and Health at Every Size, and books! I’m a lifelong avid reader turned English major and writer. My struggles with my mental health and body image led me to outspoken advocacy and support of others who can relate. I guess you can say this blog is about my self love process.

I love Tea, Disney, Dunkin’ Iced Coffee, Taylor Swift, History, Crocheting, Traveling, Social Justice, Peloton, Beauty, and TV, so you’ll definitely see some of that around here. I believe that trans women are women, that Black Lives Matter, and that no human is illegal, and these beliefs influence my life every day.

I hope that you’ll brew yourself a cup of tea (Vanilla Chai is usually my go to) and make yourself at home. I’m so happy you’re here, and I can’t wait for our adventures together!