positive affirmations

Positive Affirmations for You To Use the Week of March 13th – 19th

Hi friends, internet acquaintances, and strangers!

I hope this past week was a good one, and if it wasn’t, that you were able to show yourself some kindness.

And you did it! You made it through, and I’m so proud of you!


One of my favorite ways to show myself kindness when life isn’t is to practice positive affirmations, which is why I share them with you!


Most weeks on Sunday, I share what affirmations I’ll be using in the upcoming week. I always share the affirmations in the order that I’ll be using them (1 is Sunday, 2 is Monday, 3 is Tuesday, etc.), but the cool thing about affirmations is that there are endless ways to use them. My practice may not work for you, and that’s okay, good even! If you know what doesn’t work for you, you’re closer to knowing what does work for you.

In short, take what you need from what I share, and leave the rest.

Sending you lots of good vibes for this week, and I hope you surprise yourself with your strength, capability, and resilience!

  1. I get stronger every day.
  2. I am loved and appreciated by the people in my life.
  3. My body is the least interesting thing about me.
  4. It is not selfish to be kind to myself.
  5. Nothing is more important than my health.
  6. I can do hard things.
  7. I am going to be okay.

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