positive affirmations

Positive Affirmations for You to Use the Week of August 8th – 14th

Hi friends!


I hope you had a wonderful 2 weeks – thank you so much for being so patient with me! I just got back to Orlando last night after visiting friends and family in Connecticut and Virginia for almost a month! It was absolutely wonderful getting to see so many people I love, but to be completely honest, content creation and blogging (and even self care, to be completely honest) weren’t at the top of my priority list. And last week was a rough mental health week.


But, I’m back in Orlando, and I’m feeling refreshed and ready to get back to my routine. And if you’ve been hanging out with me for a while, you know that (almost) every Sunday (or later if things are crazy… trying to get better at that!), I share the positive affirmations that I will be using the upcoming week.

I always share the affirmations in the order that I will be using them (1 is Sunday, 2 is Monday, 3 is Tuesday, etc.), but I really hope that you use them in whatever way works for you and your life! I know that positive affirmations are such a powerful part of my self-care routine, and it makes me so happy to know that there are others trying to speak kindly to themselves using these affirmations.

I hope you have an amazing week (can you believe we’re almost halfway through August already?!) and I’ll see you next week!

  1. I am comfortable in my own skin.
  2. My best is always enough.
  3. I enjoy spending time with me.
  4. I trust in myself.
  5. I am an expression of care, joy, and love.
  6. I give myself the love I am worthy of.
  7. My wellbeing is my first priority.

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