positive affirmations

Positive Affirmations for You to Use the Week of July 25th – 31st

Hi friends!


First, I’m sorry that I didn’t post any affirmations last week, and also that this week’s are late. I’ve been up in Connecticut visiting family and haven’t really worked on anything blog or Instagram related in weeks (don’t ask me how behind in book reviews I am.). Of course, this isn’t exactly a bad thing for me! I’ve been spending time with family and friends I haven’t seen since Christmas 2019, which has been amazing. But to be completely honest, my routine has almost completely gone out the window. I haven’t really been practicing gratitude or positive affirmations or journaling or even really moving my body frequently.


I have, however, been taking care of my mental health in other ways. I’ve been prioritizing spending time with people who make me happy to be alive as well as setting and keeping healthy boundaries.

But, I want to get at least a little back into my routine, because eventually I’ll be back in my real life with work and the day to day stresses. I’m trying to prepare to make the transition back to ‘normal’ as seamless as possible, and I personally think the best way for me to begin is by practicing and sharing my daily affirmations with you once again.


Every week (almost) I share a week’s worth of daily affirmations here on the blog and on my Instagram. I put them in the order that I personally am using them (1 is Sunday, 2 is Monday, 3 is Tuesday, etc.), but I hope that you will use them in whatever way fits best into your life!


Thank you for your patience, and I’ll be back next week with the affirmations for the first week of August (can you even believe that it’s already August?! 2021 is going way too fast.)!

  1. I see the difficult parts of my life as challenges.
  2. I believe in myself and all that I am capable of.
  3. I am okay as I am, and I can change.
  4. I give myself the compassion I give to others.
  5. I am fearless.
  6. My best is always enough.
  7. I am committed to loving and trusting myself.

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