positive affirmations

Positive Affirmations for You to Use The Week of July 4th – 9th

Hi friends!

We’ve made it to July! Aannd it just occurred to me that that means we’re over halfway through 2021! Is that wild or is that wild? I’m so grateful for all of you that have stuff around and continued to read my posts, no matter how sporadic or sparse. I am hopeful that this month I will be able to fall back into a healthy routine and will be more regular about posting!


But, what better way to start the new month than with some positive affirmations? (okay, I’m sure some of ya’ll are thinking “a book review for the first time in over a month would be nice.” and yes, I do agree with you. They’re coming. I’m months behind, but I’m trying to make it happen!) Here are this week’s, and I hope you find them useful.

See you next week!

  1. My worth as a human being does not depend on my body being thin.
  2. I deserve a healthy and loving romantic relationship.
  3. I approach obstacles fearlessly.
  4. I give myself the love I am worthy of.
  5. I enjoy spending time with me.
  6. I do the best I can to get through difficult times.
  7. I courageously accept all parts of myself and embrace my strengths and vulnerability.

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