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Positive Affirmations for the Week of May 9th – 15th


Happy Saturday, my friends! I hope that this week treated you well, and that you’re taking time for yourself this weekend. We are back with this week’s affirmations for you all to use! I’m sharing the affirmations in the order that I personally will be using them (1 is Sunday, 2 is Monday, etc.), but I encourage you to use them in whatever order or way works best for you!

I’ll see you next week, my friends!

  1. I am allowed and able to set my own healthy boundaries.
  2. My best is always enough.
  3. I am capable.
  4. My health is more important than beauty standards.
  5. I am my own biggest fan.
  6. I enjoy spending time with me.
  7. Every day in every way, I am growing.

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