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Positive Affirmations for the Week of April 11th-17th

Hi friends! I’m sorry that these are a day late, this past week was really rough for me. But I think you’ll still have time to use the affirmation you choose for today ๐Ÿ™‚

Speaking of, I’ve decided to do something a tiny bit different from now on when it comes to sharing these affirmations. Instead of labeling which affirmation is for which day, I’m going to just share the ones I’ll be using for the week, in the order that I’ll use them, and you can choose what works for you. I hope that this way, it’ll be a more personalized experience for you.

So, without further ado, here’s this week’s positive affirmations!

  1. I deserve good things.
  2. I am more than enough.
  3. Beauty radiates from within me.
  4. I’ve survived tough times before, I can make it through this time, too. I am a survivor.
  5. Times are tough, but I will get through them.
  6. I am harnessing my inner peace and power.
  7. I am becoming the best version of myself.

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