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Positive Affirmations for the Week of March 7th-13th

One of the most important part of my daily routine is reciting positive affirmations. I usually do it while doing my skincare, and then write it down a few times while journaling in the morning and at night. As someone who is more likely to think negatively about myself and situations, positive affirmations help me counter these thoughts. So, I decided to start sharing them with you!

Every Saturday, I’ll share the affirmations for the week on here and on my Instagram. I’m also going to try to share the affirmation of the day on my Instagram stories, as well. I am genuinely thrilled to share this practice with you, and hope you’ll join in!

  1. I am more than enough.
  2. I am brilliant, beautiful, and bold.
  3. I’ve made it through tough times before, i can make it through this one too. i am a survivor.
  4. Times are tough, but i will get through them.
  5. I am becoming the best version of myself.
  6. I can get through it.
  7. I will choose myself, even when rejection is hard.

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