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Some Calm in the Storm: Positive Affirmations for Troubling Times

Something that you should know about me is that I thrive on routine. Don’t get me wrong, I like a little spontaneity in my life once in a while, but dealing with mental illness is enough for me sometimes. Because of this, I have a morning and nighttime routine I try to do every day, just to give the day a solid foundation.

One really important part of both my morning and nighttime routines is reciting positive affirmations. I’m prone to ruminating on negative thoughts, and having positive affirmations on hand help me challenge those negative thoughts, and focus on the positive.

Affirmations are also extremely helpful when going through an emotional crisis. Whether it’s a panic attack triggered by brain chemistry or trauma, or coping with a terrorist attack being broadcast on live television, showing yourself compassion and having healthy self-talk will help you go through it and feel what you need to feel. Affirmations are also a form of self care, which is crucial during times like these (link to my self care guide here!)

Since the US is going through collective trauma right now (what with an almost ten month pandemic, a dramatic and crucial presidential election, and now an insurrection) I thought I would share some of my favorite positive affirmations to use during difficult times.

  1. It’s okay to acknowledge that I have a lot on my plate.
  2. My feelings matter.
  3. I can persevere.
  4. Difficult days are not a reflection of me or my value.
  5. I have the ability to cope.
  6. I am releasing self-judgment and embracing self-love.
  7. I’m stronger than I think.
  8. I can get through it.
  9. I love myself enough to push through.
  10. It’s okay to ask for help.
  11. It is okay to just survive right now.
  12. I will not beat myself up for being human.
  13. I am allowed to feel upset or overwhelmed, even if I know this period will pass.
  14. My feelings are allowed to be here.
  15. My feelings are valid.
  16. This feeling will pass.
  17. I will focus on what I can control.
  18. I release negative self talk.
  19. I have the flexibility and grit necessary to cope with a world of uncertainty.
  20. I will live in the present.

I hope you find these affirmations helpful, and that they bring you some peace. And if they don’t, I hope you find something that works for you.

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