7 Ways to Be Social While Social Distancing

When I started this blog, the idea of “Social Distancing” was still novel and felt crazy. Now, it feels like a normal part of life, at least for me. While I have broken my quarantine, I’m still social distancing, and socializing in person much less.

Something I learned in quarantine (and… well, have kind of always known) is that humans are not made to live in isolation. No matter how introverted you are, (and believe me, I am one!) the relationships we have with one another are vital to our well being.

So, even during this strange time, when many of us are unable to physically be with many of our loved ones, there are many ways to still spend time together.

1. Share a Meal Over Facetime

Decide on a meal time, and what you’ll eat (maybe even follow the same recipe!), and then enjoy the good conversation that always accompanies good food.

2. Virtual Movie Nights

This is something that I’ve been doing almost weekly throughout the pandemic with various friends and family members. My cousins and I watched a few movies over Zoom, I’ve watched other movies over WhatsApp with my mom and sister, and my friend Gianna and I have been trying to watch a different animated Disney movie every week (Although, the past two weeks we did take a break to watch some of our favorite Disney Channel Original Movies.). It’s so fun to watch a movie with people you care about, especially if it’s one with sentimental value.

3. Socially Distanced Meal Out

This is really only possible with friends who live in the same area with you. Choose a restaurant, do curbside pickup, and then enjoy your meal and eachother’s company from the safety and comfort of your own vehicle!

4. Interactive Virtual Games

Something my dad and I did at the beginning of Quarantine was download the Yahtzee app from the App Store and started games. Yahtzee is one of my dad’s favorite games, and during my hospital stay in 2017, during his visits, he and I would play. It’s fun to have that with someone. I know my mom also plays Words with Friends, and I have friends who have play JackBox games.

5. Virtual Book Club

This is something that I’ve been wanting to do, but haven’t gotten to… yet. Who knows, maybe I’ll finally make it happen! Pick a book, read it, and then meet with your book club once a month (or whatever works for you) over videochat, and discuss it like you would with a normal book club! Don’t know what to read? *insert link* Reese Witherspoon chooses a different book every month for her book club, and maybe following in the footsteps of Elle Woods herself will be perfect for you and your book club!

6. Virtual Board Game Nights

On Mother’s Day, my sister organized a few games of *insert link* Scattergories for her, my mom, and myself to play while videochatting. It was so much fun and so funny to guess who answered what. I also know that you can play *insert link* Cards Against Humanity online, although that’s a little less family friendly. A non-licensed version of *insert link* Catan is also an option.

7. Zoom Trivia

I haven’t done this myself, but I know people who had a standing Trivia night every week/month. They would take turns being the “trivia-master” and asking the questions, and then everyone would answer. There are so many different ways to do trivia, with everybody who gets the question correct getting a point, or the person who answers first only getting the point, there are so many ways that you can personalize this experience. Another fun, but optional, addition is maybe having everyone chip in a few dollars (if it’s possible), and buying gift cards as prizes! Everyone loves prizes. 😛

I hope that these seven ways to be social while social distancing inspire you to find something (or things!) that works for you. Now you know that maintaining the relationships with the people most important to you while not physically together is not as hard as it may seem. This is also a great time to reconnect with those who live farther away, and I hope that we continue to do so long after the pandemic has passed.

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