100 Things to Do in Quarantine

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Like most of the world, I have social distancing for over two months. Specifically, I have been limiting contact with others (I haven’t seen my friends since before there was a lockdown), limiting going out at all, and spending most of my time inside. I was furloughed at the beginning of April, and haven’t gone to work since Mid-March.

This is such a strange time for everyone. Of course we’re stressed about the fact that, you know, there’s a global pandemic, but in addition to that, many of us have been effected financially and socially. Some of us don’t know what the future holds in regards to life events or our jobs. It’s scary. It’s stressful. And that’s completely okay.

I’ve found the best way to cope with the emotions I have surrounding all of this is allowing myself to feel, validating my feelings, and staying busy.

So, if you’re in the same boat as me, and struggling during this time, here are 100 things you can do to keep yourself busy.

  1. Throw Out Any Unimportant Papers You Have Lying Around
  2. Learn to Cross Stitch
  3. Start a Virtual Book Club with Your Friends
  4. Practice Drawing
  5. Organize Your Clothes
  6. Learn to Embroider
  7. Clean Under Your Bed
  8. Experiment with Ways to Reuse Items
    • For example, I’ve been using candle jars as planters!
  9. Make a List of Things You’re Excited For
  10. Call a Family Member or Friend
  11. Join a Fitness Challenge
  12. Practice Painting
  13. Film 1 Second a Day
    • There’s an app called “1 Second Everyday” and it helps you film and compile clips and makes a video out of them.
  14. Set up a Virtual Game Night with Friends or Family
  15. Learn How to Make Your Favorite Starbucks Drink at Home
  16. Meditate
  17. Clean Your Carpets
  18. Watch Something with Friends or Family
    • I usually don’t like video chatting, but it has been my saving grace during quarantine. My friend Gianna and I have been working our way through the Disney Animation Library together, my friend Jim and I are watching the funniest episodes of The Office and my friend Abbey and I just watched Taylor Swift’s “Reputation” Tour on Netflix!
  19. Create a Mindfulness Practice
  20. Organize Your Craft Supplies
  21. Organize Your Pantry
  22. Organize Your Desk or Vanity
  23. Experiment with Makeup
  24. Organize Your Bookshelves
  25. Go for a Drive
  26. Create an Instagram Account for an Interest of Yours
  27. Clean your Refrigerator
  28. Start a Blog
  29. Create Something as a Gift for Someone Else and Send it to Them.
  30. Write Something.
  31. Read a New Book
  32. Do a Social Media Detox
  33. Practice Positive Affirmations
  34. Create a Gratitude Practice
  35. Clean your Freezer
  36. Make Your Own Cocktails
  37. Journal
  38. Make Copycat Recipes of Foods You Don’t Currently Have Access To
    • I tried a Copycat Dole Whip Recipe, and although it wasn’t as good as the real deal, it was still fun to make and enjoy!
  39. Go on a Walk
  40. Learn More About Something You’ve Always Been Interested In
    • Maybe there’s a topic you’ve always been interested in. Now is a great time to go more in-depth and learn more about it!
  41. Organize Your Toiletries or Cosmetics
  42. Make Friendship Bracelets and Mail Them To Your Friends
  43. Organize a Closet
  44. Get Involved in a Cause You’re Passionate About
  45. Organize Your Jewelry
  46. Mail Cards and Letters to Your Loved Ones.
  47. Reread an Old Favorite Book or Series
  48. Create Art for Your Walls.
  49. Check a Book Out from the Library
  50. Wash Your Windows
  51. Clean Your Bathroom
  52. Get Your Car Washed
  53. Start (or Continue) Taking Vitamins
  54. Clean Out Your Car
  55. Do a Home Workout
  56. Wash Your Makeup Brushes
  57. Make that TikTok Coffee Everyone is Talking About
    • Link to Recipe Here!
  58. Go Through Your Closet and Get Rid of Clothes that Don’t Fit or You Don’t Wear
  59. Dye Your Hair
    • My job doesn’t allow unnatural hair colors, so I took this time of unemployment to dye my hair pink! Having a fun hair color and dyeing my hair has brought so much joy to my life! I use Arctic Fox Hair Dye and LOVE the variety of colors and how long it lasts! Check it out Here!
  60. Listen to Audiobooks.
  61. Cook Something New
  62. Go Through Your Makeup and Get Rid of Old Products/Products You Don’t Use
  63. Listen to Podcasts.
  64. Get Some Plants (or Plant Some Seeds) and Take Care of Your Indoor Jungle.
  65. Do a Face Mask.
    • I usually use sheet masks, but recently I was informed about the unnecessary waste sheet masks create (I’d never thought about it before!), and am planning on switching to jarred face masks. If you have any favorite face masks, let me know in the comments!
  66. Take a Free Online Course
  67. Clean Your Room
  68. Learn a New Language
  69. Go on a Run
  70. Start (or Continue) Composting
  71. Rearrange Your Room
  72. Start (or Continue) Recycling
  73. Create a Skincare Routine
  74. Organize Your Phone Screen
  75. Try that DIY Project that Has Been Pinned to Your Pinterest Board for Years
  76. Go Through Your Art Supplies and Get Rid of Anything That Isn’t Useful
  77. Light a Candle
  78. Get a Pen Pal.
  79. Paint Flower Pots
  80. Go to Therapy
    • Many therapists are doing therapy over video chat, and there are also apps like TalkSpace and BetterHelp that specialize in Online Therapy.
  81. Create a Morning Routine
  82. Unfollow Pages and People That Don’t Make You Feel Good About Yourself on Social Media
  83. Create an Indoor or Outdoor Herb Garden
  84. Do a Home Improvement Project
  85. Do Yoga
  86. Watch a Youtuber who Matches Your Interests
  87. Plant an Indoor or Outdoor Vegetable Garden
  88. Make a Vision Board
  89. Create an Evening Routine
  90. Play Animal Crossing
    • I don’t play, because I don’t have a Switch, but I know a lot of people who do play, and it brings them a lot of joy.
  91. Plant Flowers
  92. Rewatch a Favorite TV Show
  93. Bake Something New
  94. Rewatch a Favorite Movie
  95. Learn to Crochet
  96. Catch Up on a TV Show That You’re Behind On
  97. Color Something
  98. Catch Up on a Podcast That You’re Behind On
  99. Learn to Knit
  100. Find Your Signature Drink

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